Institut Català de Ciències del Clima

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The Catalan Climate Science Institute (IC3: is a public research center created in 2008, located in Barcelona, Spain and employs about 50 people. IC3’s main objective is to generate knowledge about Climate Sciences to the highest quality and with a regional approach. It does this through cutting-edge research, education and application development and tools to evaluate and link current and future climate risks. Within IC3, the Climate Forecasting Unit (CFU) employs about 20 people and undertakes research on the development and assessment of dynamical and statistical methods for the prediction of global and regional climate on time scales ranging from a few weeks to several years. The formulation of the predictions includes the development and implementation of techniques to statistically downscale, calibrate and combine dynamical ensemble and empirical forecasts to satisfy specific user needs in the framework of the development of a climate service.


RESILIENCE aims to strengthen the efficiency and security of wind power supply within energy networks, by providing robust information of the future variability in wind power resources based on probabilistic climate predictions.