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Working group on seasonal predictions for wind:

Climate predictions is an emerging and highly innovative research area that is part of the European-funded projects EUPORIAS (www.euporias.eu) and SPECS (www.specs-fp7.eu) where both the BSC/IC3 and Vortex are collaborating to translate the latest results on climate prediction for the wind industry.

The SP4Wind Working Group is a voluntary driven initiative launched by Vortex and BSC and open to anyone who has interest in understanding and using cutting-the-edge climate forecasting information at seasonal time scales for wind industry applications.

The aim of the Working Group on Seasonal Predictions for Wind is to build a collaborative forum to support the dissemination of seasonal prediction information for the wind industry and to facilitate the exchange between experts and stakeholders from the climate prediction and wind resource communities. During the launch meeting there was a presentation of the RESILIENCE prototype developed under EUPORIAS and the novel visualization tool Project Ukko, which provides an online interface access to wind resource operational seasonal forecasts. The operational predictions of wind speed for 2015/2016 were commented with the stakeholders present in the workshop.




RESILIENCE aims to strengthen the efficiency and security of wind power supply within energy networks, by providing robust information of the future variability in wind power resources based on probabilistic climate predictions.