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Working group on seasonal predictions for wind:

Climate predictions is an emerging and highly innovative research area that is part of the European-funded projects EUPORIAS (www.euporias.eu) and SPECS (www.specs-fp7.eu) where both the BSC/IC3 and Vortex are collaborating to translate the latest results on climate prediction for the wind industry.

Text soon available with some skill maps figures.

Mechanisms driving seasonal wind speed variability:

Text soon available with link to a web repository with scientific figures.

Text soon available with link to PDF download.

Probabilistic climate predictions come with a new set of challenges for end users: information is often untailored, hard to understand and apply in a decision-making context. One of the objectives of the prototype is to develop a user-friendly interface to show seasonal predictions tailored to users expectations and needs. Project Ukko is the product of the close collaboration between cutting-edge science and big data graphic designers.


RESILIENCE aims to strengthen the efficiency and security of wind power supply within energy networks, by providing robust information of the future variability in wind power resources based on probabilistic climate predictions.