Risks assessed

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Seasonal predictions can be applied to risk management strategies during both the pre- and post-construction phases of wind farm development projects.

1) Risks during the pre-construction phase:

  • Offshore wind farm developers (e.g. Alstom, www.alstom.com) can plan for optimal seasonal wind conditions to undertake costly offshore engineering. 
  • Wind farm investors (e.g. Iberdrola, www.iberdrola.com): can evaluate seasonal cash-flows to strengthen loan credit and minimise risk of low return on investment.

2) Risks during the post-construction phase:

  • Energy traders (e.g. EDF, www.edf.com, Marex Spectron, www.marexspectron.com) can adapt trading strategies and prices based on the coming season’s predicted wind power capacities.
  • Wind farm operators (e.g.EDPR, www.edpr.com) can plan for optimal wind conditions to undertake costly maintenance works.


RESILIENCE aims to strengthen the efficiency and security of wind power supply within energy networks, by providing robust information of the future variability in wind power resources based on probabilistic climate predictions.